Waxi Maize

Waxi Maize Non Flavoured 5 lbs

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Waxy Maize is a long-chain, complex, super-high molecular weight, sugar-free carbohydrate.  It is a superior choice for athletes looking to reap the benefits of pre workout carbohydrate loading and post workout glycogen replenishment without all of the bloat, discomfort and fat gain associated with other forms of carbs.

Because Waxy Maize has a low osmolality, it passes through the stomach and is absorbed from the bloodstream into the muscle at a much quicker pace than other carbs. Waxy Maize’s large molecular size means that it can absorb much more nutrients and water than other carbs like maltodextrin, dextrose or glucose that are found in most workout drinks. The end result is that Waxy Maize delivers more nutrients and growth factors to your muscles than any other carbohydrate source available and just as importantly, does this without the bloat, sluggishness and fat gain usually associated with high carbohydrate products.

  • High molecular weight super-carb glycogen replenisher.

  • Produces a natural surge of post-workout insulin, the most anabolic hormone.

  • Delivers post-workout nutrients faster than ever before - meaning faster recovery.

  • Supports extraordinary muscle fullness!

  • Formulated with a special process for easy mixing.

  • Instantized and water soluble.





Waxy Maize gets its name from a special type of corn that has naturally high levels of amylopectin, which is the outer portion of a starch granule consisting of insoluble, highly branched polysaccharides of high molecular weight.  Waxy maize starch is further purified and concentrated until what is left is virtually pure amylopectin.  It is very bland in flavor and has a white fluffy like consistency.  

Waxy Maize is virtually tasteless and quickly disperses in water making it a welcomed addition for any creatine, BCAA, cell volumizer, MRP or protein drinks. Waxy Maize passes through the stomach and intestine much faster than dextrose and maltodextrin and thus creates natural vacuum shuttling water and nutrients directly into muscle tissue.  As an unsurpassed source of glycogen, Waxy Maize works amazingly fast (much faster than dextrose) during the carb-up phase without any water spillage.

Waxy Maize is more effective than maltodextrin or dextrose:  Waxy Maize has a much higher molecular weight and a much lower osmolality rate compared to dextrose or maltodextrin.  Since it can bypass the stomach, it is absorbed immediately by the intestines and is quickly assimilated at a rate almost double that of dextrose or maltodextrin.  Dextrose and maltodextrin can cause water retention and bloating which is why Waxy Maize is the preferred choice for pre contest and contest preparation carbohydrate replenishment.  Many dieters choose Waxy Maize as their carb of choice as it is sugar free and an ideal source of a long chain complex carbohydrate.

Waxy Maize can enhance nutrient abortion: Waxy Maize can enhance the absorption of many supplements like creatine and other cell volumization and nitric oxide products. These nutrients can be partially destroyed in the harsh acidic environment of the stomach and their absorption rates can be greatly degraded. Waxy Maize can help shuttle these nutrients through the stomach allowing the body to assimilate them at a much higher rate.

Waxy Maize replenishes glycogen after intense workouts:  Waxy Maize has the ability to replenish the muscle’s glycogen stores at a much faster rate than maltodextrin or dextrose. Its ability to bypass the stomach allows it to go directly to the intestines where it can be immediately absorbed.  This quick replenishment of glycogen gives your body an immediate "pump" you can physically feel in your muscles post workout.  Post workout glycogen replenishment is vital for getting maximum muscle gains from your training.