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 Tonkat Ali Root Extract



It is important to get good quality Tongkat Ali Root Extract, as the powdered root can have very little active ingredient and may be contaminated with mycotoxins. We carry the 100:1 Extract only!!


All the magic happens from the root . It should also be at a ratio of more than 50:1 to have any real effect.


Ours has 100:1 Tongkat Ali Root Extract!!


Basically meaning that one-gram of our Tongkat Ali Root Extract is equal to 100 grams of the weak versions available in most stores and sites.



- Higher Sex Drive & Libido
- Longer, Harder & Spontaneous Erection
- Increase Muscle Mass & Strength
- Boost In Energy & Vitality

Tongkat Ali 100:1 Pure Powder 30 grams
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Sale: $49.99



One of the most useful things I’ve read about Tongkat Ali Root Extract  is that, unlike steroids,

it boosts ALL the androgens.


It increases DHEA, which has a myriad of healthful effects (not the least of which

is cognitive and mood improvement) and is the "mother" of all sex hormones.


Tongkat Ali Root Extract also doesn't step up aromatase, DHT and it inhibits SHBG, which is tied with prostate cancer and BPH. This is also a problem when using other testosterone or

hormone boosters - including DHEA and pregnonelone!

To search for scientific information, one has to use the plants scientific, Latin name, eurycoma longifolia. The plant is also a proven therapeutic and preventive medication against malaria, so in order to focus the search on the pro-sexual properties; one should use the additional search term "sexual".

Tongkat Ali Root Extract improves sex by raising testosterone levels, or, more specifically, the levels of free testosterone. A large proportion of the testosterone that circulates in the human, primarily male, body is bound by a protein, SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin).

Testosterone that is bound to SHBG is rendered ineffective. Only free testosterone exerts the effects that are attributed to the hormone: one androgenic (masculinizing and sexualizing, both physiologically and mentally, and thus enhancing libido) and one anabolic (building tissue, mainly muscle).


1 gram -  2 x times Daily.

Take for 5 Days then stop for two days. Then Repeat.



One of our customers recently sent us this note:


“As for another wonderful herb that really works, is not harmful and does not cost a fortune, try the herb Tongkat Ali Root Extract. This has been used for centuries in Asia, and is now attracting huge attention in the West.


It raises testosterone levels, both by stimulating the release of testosterone and by preventing binding of testosterone to protein, which is something that happens in middle age, rendering the hormone ineffective.


Restoration of normal testosterone levels increases both libido and performance; the penis also grows in size!


The effect builds up, but quite fast – in say, a week or two.


You should take it for 5 days, then 2 days off. “ – Roy