About Us


Our Company began because of one powerful emotion known to every athlete...Desire!

The Desire to alter your own Physique, to transform your Body and improve your Strength and Performance!!

We got into sports nutriton for the same reasons you are looking at. We've seen some amazing results both for ourselves and for our clients.

We are training in the trenches everyday, we hit the blenders and swallow the pills just like you. We sweat the same blood and tears, we pursue our goals just like you do!!

We believe in Sports Nutrition , We Believe in Intense Training, and most of all We Belive in YOU!!!

We have been in the Sports Supplement Business for over 20 years now. In Gyms and Sports Nutrition stores on both retail and distribution side of things.

We have and continue to work with some of the biggest names in the Industry today.

In doing so we have seen alot of great products from great companies, as well as a lot of  garbage from some some shody operators.

There is a lot of Misinformation and Confusion out there. In Fact there are a hand full of Sports Nutrition products that are truly amazing. Those are the products that we carry.

We won't try to dazzle you with catchy names , Freaky advertising concepts, or misleading gimmicks.

Work with us and you'll get the Best Products, the Best quality, and above all else Great Results!!